Camilla Hall Advisory Board Member Fact Sheet

Sister Joan Felicia O’Reilly, IHM

CURRENT POSITION: Principal, Saint Agnes Catholic School, West Chester

CAMILLA/IHM CONNECTION: Professed IHM Sister since 1981

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Reading mystery novels, baking, someday cake decorating, taking photographs for fun, puzzles and games.

FAMILY: I am the fifth of nine children; I have seven sisters and one brother. I am the proud aunt of 18 nieces & nephews.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOTS: locally, Wildwood is my go to place to relax; I’ve been to Ireland and Italy on wonderful tours.

FUN FACT(S) ABOUT YOURSELF: I enjoy reading and I’ve switched to reading on a Kindle rather than “real books” although I do read them, too. Peanut M & M’s are a favorite. I spend too much time working. In my family we have had three transplants. I’ve been an educator for 32 years, with eleven years in administration. I’ve lived in Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.