Camilla Hall Advisory Board Member Fact Sheet

Sister Dolores Joseph, IHM

CURRENT POSITION:  Superior of Camilla Hall

My ministry in Camilla Hall began in August 2014.  Prior to serving in this capacity my life as an IHM Sister has been mostly with involvement in Catholic Education at the elementary level and in pastoral ministry both in North and South America.

I also served as a Council Member in our General Administration for six years.

CAMILLA/IHM CONNECTION:  I first met the IHM Sisters in grade school at St. Louis Parish in Yeadon. After high school and a year in the “working world” I entered the IHM Congregation in 1966.

HOBBIES & INTERSTESTS: I enjoy listening to music, reading, taking long walks outdoors, baseball and basketball.

FAMILY:  I was the only child of my dear parents who are now deceased, but I have quite an extended family of loving cousins, good friends and our wonderful IHM community.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOTS: I enjoy relaxing at the shore or the mountains for vacation.

FUN FACT(S) ABOUT YOURSELF: Some of my experiences in South America proved to be quite interesting and funny... e.g. tackling a purse-snatcher in the airport in Santiago, Chile.