Camilla Hall Advisory Board Member Fact Sheet

James Hahn

CURRENT POSITION: Director of Health Services Business Operations, Elywn

CAMILLA/IHM CONNECTION: Sr. Anne Veronica was a student of mine in the Saint Joseph’s University MHA Program

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Besides spending time with my family, I like to spend some of my free time outside playing golf, riding my bike, and playing an occasional game of soccer with my over 35 year gang.

FAMILY: I live with my lovely wife Meg and my two children Kyle and Madison.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOTS: I really don’t have a spot that I enjoy more than any other. As time passes, I enjoy vacationing with my family experiencing new sites that always bring about new adventures. It’s so interesting that while on vacation some of the most stressful and challenging times we’ve experienced have become some of our most memorable and humorous moments.

FUN FACT(S) ABOUT YOURSELF: Although not an expert by any means, I’ve come to enjoy cooking. My eggplant parmesan must be pretty good because even my children partake in this cheesy delight.