February Social Justice Events

Black History Month

February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Considerations during this month cause us to think of the many contributions of African Americans to America’s growth and development.  Pictures of great African Americans were posted for admiration and discussion. 

Also, we remembered the sad days of earlier generations of African Americans and the racism which continues to disturb America.  To help our reflections each sister received a personal copy of the IHM and OSP-IHM statement on racism and information about "White Privilege” (Info Alert 150)

From February 10 to 16, we joined the community in donating to the collection for HAITI. 



Pray for an End of Human Trafficking


February is also the month to pray for an end of Human Trafficking.   We had daily reminders to pray about this on our Channel 2 Daily display. 

Although we cannot personally end trafficking, we will donate ten Emergency Backpacks to Covenant House. Each backpack will be filled with toiletries and other items to help young people brought to Covenant House, from trafficking situations.