Camilla Hall Advisory Board Member Fact Sheet

Carol Vinci

CURRENT POSITION:  Director of Risk Management / Patient Safety Officer

CAMILLA/IHM CONNECTION:  Asked to participate on an Advisory Committee

HOBBIES & INTERESTS:  I enjoy crocheting baby blankets.  I like to read Nursing articles on the train into work every morning.  I like to shop and can always find something nice for my family, especially my grandson.

FAMILY:  My immediate family is my Mother, Daughter, Son-in-Law and Grandson.  I have a Sister-in-Law and three Nephews.  I have many cousins scattered throughout the U.S.

FUN FACT(S) ABOUT YOURSELF:  I can't swim, but I went Scuba diving in St. Thomas.  It was a wonderful experience.  I'm afraid of high places (maybe it is really a fear of falling) but I love to fly, even in a single engine plane.