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Camilla Hall External Advisory Board 2017-2018

External Advisory Board Meetings
External Advisory Board Meetings
External Advisory Board Meetings
External Advisory Board
Ms. Frances Marinaro Mr. James Hahn
Director of Health Services
Business Operations Elwyn
S. Anne Veronica Burrows, IHM
Camilla Hall Nursing Home
S. William T. Byrne, IHM
General Councilor of IHM
Villa Maria House of Studies
Fr. Timothy Judge
Chaplain                                                                                Holy Redeemer Health System
Mr. Peter Caracci
Financial Services
New Courtland Elder Services, Inc
Ms. Christine Regan
Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator                  Dunwoody Village
Ms. Gloria Cascarino
Senior Associate
Francis Cauffman Architects
Dr. John Maher
Former Director – Retired
Chester County Health Department
S. Marie Anselm Cooper, IHM
Treasurer General of IHM Congregation
Villa Maria House of Studies
Mrs. Eileen McAnally – Retired
Ms. Julie Kozak
Director of Social Services
Pine Run Health Center
S. Dolores Joseph Bozzelli, IHM
Camilla Hall
S. Carolyn Dimick, IHM
Co-Director of Mission Advancement
Villa Maria House of Studies
Ms. Loretta McLaughlin – Retired Ms. Helen McConnell

Director of Priests Retirement Services                                                                             Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Ms. Vicky L. Mitchell
St. Joseph Villa
Ms. Carolyn F. Gorman, MBA, CMPE
Strategic Alliance Executive                                               Lancaster General Health & Penn Medicine
S. Joan Felicia O’Reilly, IHM
St. Agnes School
Ms. Christi Purcell
Purcell Construction
Mr. Jim Wilkinson                                                             Senior Director of Finance                                                    Holy Redeemer Health System S. Rose Mary Walsh, IHM
Financial Consultant
Our Lady of Fatima Convent
Mr. Michael Ward
Director of Recruitment and Retention
Bayada Nurses
Pediatric Corporate Office
S. Cheryl Murphy, IHM
Liaison to Mission & Membership Committee
Pastoral Minister
Camilla Hall
S. John Christi D’Alessandro, IHM
Liaison to Finance & Advancement Committee
Director of Finance
Camilla Hall
Ms. Deborah Corrigon, MSN, RN
Liaison to Healthcare & Ethics Committee
Director of Nursing
Camilla Hall
Mr. Chris Chalmers
Liaison to Facilities Committee
Director of Facilities
Camilla Hall
Ms. Denise Kelly
Liaison to Human Resources Committee
Director of Human Resources
Camilla Hall
Ms. Mary Alice Coyle
Administrative Assistant                                                       Camilla Hall