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REVERENCE FOR EACH PERSON that manifests itself as respect may be considered the core value that
is at the center of all of the core values. When the sacredness of life, each life, is reverenced all
other core values will be non-negotiable. When we hold EACH person, each life, as sacred we
MUST respect that life, that mind, that heart, that soul, and that body. We can do no less. We
cannot be selective about reverence for each person; we MUST extend the same respect to all –
each person we serve, each person with whom we work, each person we encounter at Camilla
Hall and beyond.

 The following core values flow from our REVERENCE FOR EACH PERSON:

Core Values 2


We believe that God dwells in every person – every sister, every staff member, every family
member, every volunteer and every visitor to Camilla Hall. We believe that each encounter
with another person in an encounter with God – an encounter with God’s sacred handiwork.


  • Bears oneself with dignity in speech, dress, manner and actions;
  • Greets all others, expressing care and interest for the others’ well-being;
  • Extends hospitality, encouragement and affirmation to others in their efforts to fulfill
    the mission of Camilla Hall;
  • Accommodates the preferences of others to the fullest extent possible;
  • Alleviates the fear, anxiety, emotional needs, discomfort of others;
  • Seeks to connect with the person within who may be obscured because of cognitive
    decline, behavioral issues, or cultural differences;
  • Gives another the “benefit of the doubt” when tensions or challenging behaviors arise.


We believe that we are responsible for the world and its limited goods and resources and that
we are called to use responsibly our God-given gifts in the daily discipline of actively caring for


  • Gives quality time and presences to residents and co-workers alike by listening to them,
    getting to know them and enjoying being with them;
  • Adopts an openness of demeanor that invites others to approach us, ask of us and share
    with us;
  • Demonstrates careful and responsible use of all equipment, supplies and property
    entrusted to us for the care and comfort of residents;
  • Returns equipment in condition received; reports all damage or breakage promptly;
  • Avoids waste of any kind, including time;
  • Gives generously of one’s own gifts and talents;
  • Conserves nature’s resources such as water, electricity, and recycles as appropriate.


We believe that we are called to a high standard of principles consistent with our mission, to a
straightforward attitude and to faithfulness in imaging our best self to others.


  • Projects attitudes and motives of honesty and uprightness;
  • Earns the respect and trust of residents and co-workers for trustworthiness and
  • Performs all tasks to the best of one’s ability;
  • Willingly acknowledges and accepts responsibility for one’s own mistakes and shares
    credit for one’s successes;
  • Demonstrates consistent fairness and honesty in word and action;
  • Conscientiously maintains confidences;
  • Refrains from listening to or passing on rumors.


We believe that our mission is to “imitate” and continue the compassion of “Jesus, the Divine


  • Acts in a manner that lifts spirits and restores dignity;
  • Exercises patience and graciousness;
  • Consistently demonstrates care, concern and kindness;
  • Goes “the extra mile” beyond the minimum that is required;
  • Communicates in word and action, “I’m with you,” “I’m here for you,” “You are loved
    and cherished;”
  • Demonstrates true concern for another’s pain;
  • Reaches out to address the real or perceived needs of others.